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10 Jan

Here are some excellent informational links about the Laci Peterson case:



PETERSON, SCOTT LEE V72100 42 03/17/2005 San Quentin

Inmate Mailing Address:
Inmate’s Name, CDC #
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin, CA 94974

Physical Address:
San Quentin, CA 94964
(415) 454-1460



Do not believe the ridiculous hyped story about Scott Peterson living in comfort. There was not one word about his living conditions. It was all based on Peterson’s buff athletic physique while he was afforded his one hour per day of yard exercise as is given to any inmate. This was a typical Geraldo Rivera Hype to boost interest in his show and the authors book sales on the Faux network (Faux as in phony). Remember the Al Capone Vault fiasco and the Mummy’s tomb dud specials? I shudder to think how many people have been hung and fried based on mob mentality or listen to some snake oil salesman sell his wares on the corner. There was not a single word to substantiate such Geraldo type sensationalism hype all based on the authors comment about Peterson’s appearance, not his living conditions. Keeping in shape is about the only thing the prisoners have to do locked in their cells 23 hours per day. This was nothing but sensationalistic garbage for weak minds and the easily swayed who respond to any loudmouth claim which catches their attention rather than the truth of the matter.


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