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PETERSON, SCOTT LEE V72100 42 03/17/2005 San Quentin

Inmate Mailing Address:
Inmate’s Name, CDC #
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin, CA 94974

Physical Address:
San Quentin, CA 94964
(415) 454-1460



Do not believe the ridiculous hyped story about Scott Peterson living in comfort. There was not one word about his living conditions. It was all based on Peterson’s buff athletic physique while he was afforded his one hour per day of yard exercise as is given to any inmate. This was a typical Geraldo Rivera Hype to boost interest in his show and the authors book sales on the Faux network (Faux as in phony). Remember the Al Capone Vault fiasco and the Mummy’s tomb dud specials? I shudder to think how many people have been hung and fried based on mob mentality or listen to some snake oil salesman sell his wares on the corner. There was not a single word to substantiate such Geraldo type sensationalism hype all based on the authors comment about Peterson’s appearance, not his living conditions. Keeping in shape is about the only thing the prisoners have to do locked in their cells 23 hours per day. This was nothing but sensationalistic garbage for weak minds and the easily swayed who respond to any loudmouth claim which catches their attention rather than the truth of the matter.


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Laci Peterson Case Information Recovered

10 years ago, I made a copy of this 500 page detailed report of the Laci Peterson case from website which no longer exists, for my own personal reading so I could highlight various details. I was dismayed to discover both the website and this amazing report had disappeared from the internet. I did not want to see this epic historical report vanish into internet oblivion so I decided to upload it onto this free site so everyone could continue to benefit from the incredible historical day to day detail contained in this report.   

I had only saved the daily “When” reports they had written through Sept 29, 2005. I did not make any copies of reports they wrote after Sept 2005 because I became too ill to continue. Thus, we are missing out on the reports written after that date as well as any new articles, court appeals, new publications and various related events which have continued to occur since 2005.

I did not write any of this amazing report. I just learned to the best I could determine, this report was apparently written by Martin Miller, owner of the former Crimenews2000 website. I also just discovered 3 cached files on of the “Who & Others” chapters which belonged to this original report, which I had never seen before. This was all I have been able to recover so far.

This extensive report is truly an amazing effort by the original author. It contains details, references & quotes of every related newspaper article & book publication, court testimony & media broadcast on a daily basis. The amount of research behind this extensive report is incredible. It is the only source I am aware which contains these irreplaceable historic details. 

The report is too large to load into one page or file so the original chapters are uploaded into the 40 pages on this site. Each “page” is actually an entire chapter consisting of 20 – 30 pages. The nomenclature is simply the way this system is set up. I cannot rename it “Chapters” as it should be. Each chapter (page) since January 2003, contains a full month of day by day reports from all sources of info. I have not made any changes except to color fonts of interesting details in the first few chapters.

If you have the remaining portion of these missing original daily report entries after Sept 29, 2005, I would like to add it or at least link to it with continuing details on the case. This author did a superb job on recording all details published on a daily basis. 

I consider this amazing report to be of irreplaceable historical value and should not be lost. My only reason for reposting this extensive report is to ensure it is not lost to posterity. This is simply a free blog with few visitors. and zero income. I only have an interest in preserving historical information from internet oblivion. I know of no other record on this subject which contains as much historical details as found in this report. I hope to restore the missing portions if I’m able to find copies. I have tried to contact the original author but have not been successful. If Mr Miller reposts this report again, I will remove this copy. I only wish to keep it available for posterity as the most important historical document chronicling the details of the Laci Peterson murder and the associated details from all the publication sources at the time.

I had once believed Scott to be absolutely guilty until I started reading the evidence which was never presented in court. While I cannot say he is innocent, I have seen enough evidence in these records and in the books Presumed Guilty and A Deadly Game otherwise to support reasonable doubt.

How about the fact that Grantsky was fishing the same day and time as Scott but the police never verified his whereabouts that day or investigated any motives he might have. Or the robbery which occurred across the street that same morning and a neighbor heard a woman calling for help. Did Laci confront the robbers when she went outside with the dog? Did they grab her and later dump her where her husband had been fishing? How did the neighbor who claimed to witness Scott’s movements that morning, happen to miss the robbery of her neighbor? A lot of evidence was withheld from the jury and public. Enough to substantiate reasonable doubt. Also the Satanic cult threat to kill someone on Christmas which was reported by a rape counselor from one of their victims. Just because we don’t believe in Satanic cults does not mean there are not crazy nuts who do.



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